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Edco Glomesh Polyester Hand Scrub Glitterpad

Edco Glomesh Polyester Hand Scrub Glitterpad

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Edco Glomesh Hand Scrub Glitterpad

Colour Coded Hand Scrub Pads from White Non-Abrasives Pad to Black Extremely Course Types. Seek Advice Before Purchasing If Uncertain

It might be tough to choose the best scrub pads for the task, but Edco brand products are excellent. Edco Glomesh Hand Scrub Glitterpad is the recommended hand scrubbing option for cleaning or repairing stone surfaces in household or commercial settings. These products have been produced by the Edmondson family for nearly 70 years since Rennie Edmondson and his sons, Edgar and Harry, established a cotton-weaving operation in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville in 1941.

You should also be aware that Edco Glomesh Hand Scrub Glitterpad is available in a variety of types and colours, ranging from non-abrasive pads to highly coarse forms. The Edco Glomesh Hand Scrub Glitterpad is used in combination with a tool with a handle or a handheld tool. Each pad measures W250mm x D115mm x H25mm.

Edco Glomesh Hand Scrub Glitterpad is an easy-to-use, thick, hand-sized pad developed for a specific function ranging from soft non-abrasive cleaning of most sensitive surfaces to cutting through stubborn messes to heavy-duty scrubbing and stripping with little surface scratches.

If you have any questions or need assistance cleaning or repairing your engineered quartz surfaces, please contact us at (03) 9429 1223. We can also assist with chip and scratch repair, as well as most other repairs. We are always delighted to help!


  • W250 x D115 x H25mm

NOTE 1: Also Available in carton quantity of 4 = 20 pcs

NOTE 2: Edco Glomesh Hand Scrub Glitterpad is available in six different colors: white, green, blue, red, brown, and black.

Features of Edco Glomesh Hand Scrub Glitterpad:

  • Ideal for extra heavy-duty scrubbing and stripping
  • Use with the Edco scourer pad holders


How to Use Edco Glomesh Hand Scrub Glitterpad:

The normal process of using an Edco Glomesh Hand Scrub Glitterpad requires the user to hold it in one's hand, and continuously and firmly rub it on the surface to be cleaned, sometimes with the addition of water or cleaning solution.

White: A dry polish that provides a higher shine. A water mist can be used to help achieve a high gloss finish.

Blue: The blue Glitterpad is intended for gentler scrubbing and has a less aggressive cutback.

Red: Used for spray surface preparation or spot buffing, dry buffing, or a light wet scrub.

Green: For heavy-duty scrubbing pads or trimming back.

Brown: This brown colour pad is used for regular stripping or a more aggressive cutting back.

Black: This pad is used for regular stripping.


Additional Information on Edco Glomesh Hand Scrub Glitterpad:




White, Green, Blue, Red, Brown, and Black


W250mm x D115mm x H25mm

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Non-Dangerous Goods


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