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EQ Renew Grinding And Honing Pads Kit

EQ Renew Grinding And Honing Pads Kit

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4" / 100mm Premium Copper, Diamond & Resin Formulated Abrasive Pads. Precision Set Of Grinding & Honing Tools Most Suited For Working Engineered Quartz. Prepares The Surface Up For Pre-Polishing.

Stone Industry has grown so much and it has its own jargon used to describe processes and desired outcomes, making it difficult for some to understand. It is crucial to have a good working definition of a few important terms to get the result that you want. Grind, hone, and polish are the few terms that we usually hear being misused or interchangeably used in the stone industry. Stone Doctor Australia has been in the industry for more than a decade now and one of our battle cries is to be a channel of stone care-related information and awareness of what proper processing means to all our clients and prospective customers. With that being said, grinding and honing is one of the first restorative steps in achieving a highly polished factory finish when working with engineered quartz surfaces. Our EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad Set are essential tools that can smoothen off sawn marks right up to finely honing the stone surface mechanically. EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad set to enable the best surface preparation for pre-polishing. 

EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad Set are under the process category of grinding to hone and have 7 different grits, consisting of consecutively finer grit abrasives starting from the course 50 grit to 3000 as the finest grit. The use of EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad Set should be done in a manner where no grits are skipped. Experienced stone care professionals will know which grit to start off with analysing the wear pattern on the surface to be restored. It will be essential to go through the grits until the surface is ready to take on our EQ Renew Pre-Polishing Pads as the next restorative step. Be sure to clean all slurry between grits to avoid cross-contamination. 

The process involving EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad Set is more procedural and requires enough skill and knowledge than most realise. With all the many pre-existing factors that can affect the end result of the processes performed, having trusted stone care professional to do the job is a must. Attempting to use these pads without the right experience could lead to more harm than good as permanent irreversible damage could be the result. It is all within the professional’s control to use the most suited equipment and accessories to uphold this process. It is important to know these factors to identify who is keen, detailed, and result-oriented than one who simply goes with the flow. EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad Set are suited for use on any residential or commercial stone resurfacing project as it enables a dust-free work environment. These pads are designed for wet use. Correct usage of these EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad Set are crucial early steps to ensure it carries right through making the final polish finish optimal when working with engineered quartz surfaces. Failing to successfully carry through this honing process will obviously lead to a compromised final finish.  

The EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad Set being a hybrid mix of copper, resin & synthetic diamond abrasives has been fused for the ultimate surface contact and its low heat-producing design is sure to minimise grinding resistance. The EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad Set are prerequisites for surfaces that are damaged with wear patterns, deep scratches, etc... A professional stone care personnel will be able to determine if this honing process can be skipped altogether moving straight into using the tools found in our EQ Renew Pre-Polishing Drill Kit set if he or she deems fit. 

EQ Renew Grinding And Honing Pads Kit Inclusion: 

This kit includes a set of 7 grits. 

  • 50 
  • 100 
  • 200 
  • 400 
  • 800 
  • 1500 
  • 3000

HOW TO USE EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad Set

1. Ensure which grit you wish to start with and do not skip grits. These pads are strictly for wet use.
2. Thoroughly clean the slurry from previous grit before using subsequent grit. Having a squeegee will be handy 
3. Use a 4” (100mm) Velcro Adaptor which will make grit changes easy. This adaptor can be purchased separately from us 
4. Use with a multispeed handheld polishing machine with the help of a spray bottle or one with an inbuilt water feed system 
5. Grind the surface with minimally 2 passes vertically and horizontally for best coverage. More passes may be required with certain harder surfaces 
6. 800 grit would be the general stopping point before transitioning to the EQ Renew Pre-Polishing Pads & Drill Kit but can vary from surface to surface. 

Working with EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad Set requires experience and persistence for these are the key elements of success. The process of grinding, honing, and polishing in general over-engineered quartz traditionally would be a daunting task but our technologically advanced EQ Renew System, has made the final outcome a surprise for many in the trade. It now makes professionals realise what was missing for many years has now come to light. Our system of EQ Renew Kits has surely exceeded their expectations and I am sure it will surprise you too. 

Choose only what is best because you deserve the best! Ask our team of experts on how to quickly get this EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad Set sent to you today! 


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