(Stone Epoxy Impregnator). Bellinzoni Imprepox 1000 Premium-1.25kg Set

Revolutionary ultra thin highly flowing stone epoxy impregnator. Specially suited to the sealing and filling of micro-cracks capillaries present in expensive marble and granite, which if not repaired would make the substrate unusable and wasted thus causing big loss for the operator.

This stone epoxy impregnator is ideal when needing to fill natural stone of its imperfections, hairline cracks, fissures, pinholes, etc.. Apply until full saturation and grind of mechanically to achieve that seamless finish.

An innovative product highly used in Europe. Bellinzoni Imprepox 1000 premium stone epoxy impregnator can be used both indoors and outdoors.


               FOR PART A


              FOR PART B


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