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K740 Flowmask Premium Delicate Ultra Low Tack Paper Tape - Green (24mm x 50m) - 1 Roll

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K740 Flowmask Premium Delicate Ultra Low Tack Paper Tape - Green (24mm x 50m) - 1 Roll

A green (Japanese Flat Rice Paper) Tape coated with a low tack acrylic adhesive system.

This product is designed for quality masking applications on smooth surfaces. Flowmask’s thin construction and high tensile strength lend it for fineline masking applications and detail work. The paper’s finish does not repel paints and so gives a clean edge on removal. Its high temperature range makes it suitable for automotive low bake ovens. The tape has good UV stability and is particularly suited to masking “delicate” surfaces such as freshly painted finishes, fragile surfaces such as wallpaper and situations where a coating is not well keyed to the underlying substrate. An extremely versatile masking tape.

Technical Details

Gauge: 0.09mm
Elongation at Break: 5.2%
180° Peel Adhesion: 0.74 N/cm
Tensile Strength: 38.3 N/cm
Service Temperature: 0°C to 100°C

Surface Preparation

The surface on which the tape is to be used must be clean, dry and free from grease and dust. Remember that pressure sensitive adhesive must be applied with the maximum possible pressure in order to achieve maximum adhesion levels. The recommended application temperature is between 15ºC and 30ºC.


Tapes stored below the minimum application temperature will require warming up to that level before use. Up to 24 hours may be required for this to take place.


Values: All values presented have been determined by standard test methods and are average values only.
Recommendations: Whilst we are happy to recommend products from our range for applications, it is imperative that the customer/user complete their own tests to determine suitability for their application under “working conditions” and if longevity is important, that ageing tests be carried out.
Warranty: We can only warranty our products to the level that they are consistent with our Product Information Sheet values

BUT CANNOT accept any responsibility or liability direct or consequential for loss or damage caused as a result of our recommendations.


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