(Marble Floor Breathable Temporary Floor Protection). Floorline Vapor.

Marble Floor Breathable Temporary Floor Protection

ROLL SIZE: 1m (Width) x 50m (Length)

Landolt Floorliner Vapor is a brilliant invention of the Swiss. It is designed to be used in the protection of newly installed stone tiled floors which actively prevents moisture damage during the curing days of the adhesive and grout as compared to other protection products in the market that are not breathable which are bound to pose some issues and very often will only come to light once these protective products are removed at the end of the project. This marble floor breathable temporary floor protection product is easily rolled out over a clean and dry surface just after 24 hours from completing the installation. All other non-breathable products if applied to these newly installed surfaces will create surface damage from the moisture trying to escape during the curing phase.

Besides this, Landolt Floorliner Vapor sheets have many excellent properties to further protect your beautiful marble, limestone, travertine, etc.. after installing these sheets, tradesmen are able to walk over the protected surface while doing their respective work as the stone floor tiles are now protected from dropping tools and is also impervious to absorbing liquids that can potentially stain and damage sensitive stone tiles.

These sheets do not require masking tapes to secure their joints as they can be laid without adhesive tapes due to the patented bottom side that has special adhering properties while being not residual on its removal. This special patented Opticoat product will pleasantly surprise as you will find it adhering to verticals areas as well.

It can also go over newly sealed surfaces just after 24 hours or as recommended by your penetrating sealer manufacturer. Call and speak to one of our consultants today @ 03-9429 1223. Additional product brochures & samples can be made available upon request.