(Soft Porous Stone Sealer). Bellinzoni Limesealer - 1L

Soft Porous Stone Sealer

Bellinzoni Limesealer is a transparent water and oil impregnator that strengthen the stone and prevents salts and efflorescence from surfacing. This soft porous stone sealer contains silossane and fluorinated resins specifically studied for weak stones that tend to crumble like limestone, sandstone (for example Vicenza Stone, Lecce Stone, Modica Stone, etc..

Bellinzoni Limesealer gives an optimum protection to the treated stone against humidity, acid rain and it prevents the formation of mildew but at the same time it allows the stone to "breath". Bellinzoni Limesealer will not change the colour of the treated surface.

This soft porous stone sealer is recommended for limestone, bluestone and sandstone which have a spalling tendency or common to salt-attack especially when used as pavers in a salt pool environment or homes | buildings close to the sea. Treat with Bellinzoni Limesealer before any other penetrating sealers are used.


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