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Lithofin ALGEX - 1 LITRE. (Algaecide)

Lithofin ALGEX - 1 LITRE. (Algaecide)

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Lithofin ALGEX - 1 LITRE. (Algaecide)

Outdoor Algae & Moss Remover

Lithofin ALGEX - 1 LITRE. (Algaecide) is a special product from the LITHOFIN-range. It is a water-soluble cleaning concentrate based on high quality surfactants. Neutral and free of chlorine and acid.

Lithofin ALGEX - 1 LITRE. (Algaecide) removes common dirt and slippery green deposits from terraces, steps, paths, walls, etc. Quarry tiles, stone, concrete, plaster and wood are thoroughly cleaned and brightened up. Also has a preventative effect, keeping surfaces clear of new green deposits for up to one year.

Moss and algae growths are common problems in concrete, stone, and other surfaces outside your home. Algae removal is slightly tricky compared to other types of messes you might deal with, but using the right product, the cleanup is simple. 

Maintenance is easy at Stone Doctor Australia. We give you power by immediately killing damaging algae and moss from patios, walkways, and other hard surfaces, you can keep your garden safe and beautiful for a long time with the use of the Lithofin ALGEX - 1 LITRE. (Algaecide). 

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Product Features

  • Concentrated
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Self-Acting & Preventive
  • Free of Chlorine and Acid



  • Lithofin ALGEX - 1 LITRE. (Algaecide) should be diluted with water approx. 1:10 (when used as a preventive treatment 1:20) and distributed on the surface using a watering-can or a sprayer. 
  • After application, the areas should not be rained on for at least 4 hours. 
  • The surfaces will become bright, clean and free of deposits within a few days. 
  • Surface residues can be washed off with water or they will disappear when it rains.
  • Please Note: Lithofin ALGEX - 1 LITRE. (Algaecide) is not harmful for plants, however, they should not be sprayed or should be washed off immediately.
  • Do not use on warm surfaces.
  • Application temperature: 100C to 250
  • In case of stubborn dirt, if the deposits have turned black, clean the surface with Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner.



  • Refer to the Safety Data sheet (SDS) before use
  • Test in a small, hidden, area before the main application
  • Keep away from heat and humidity
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


Field of Use

  • For cleaning all outdoor areas, such as stairs, paths and terraces, walls, grave stones, roofs, wooden fences, etc.
  • Ideally suited for preventive treatment against green, slippery deposits.







Light Blue

Base Type


Shelf Life

5 Years


Closed, Cool, Dry 10-25ºC

Drying Time

4 Hours


20-50 m Concentrated
200m Diluted

Shipping Class

Dangerous Goods (Corrosive)



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