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Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ML

Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ML

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Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ML

Poultice Gel For Oil Stain Removal

Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml is a ready-to-use paste that takes the form of a gel made from an array of compounded solvents and solids that are highly absorbent which in turn greatly removes stubborn grease and deep oil stains from natural and engineered stone surfaces. Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml as an oil-removing poultice which can often remove discolouration on peripheral zones in the case of silicone joints. 

It must be placed over the stain & treated like a poulticing compound. It is best to refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to get the best outcome from your application. Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml is worth every penny and one of the best money can buy.  If you want to learn more about how to apply Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml, best to have a chat with our team of experts now!

Residentially, we typically see oil and grease stains on kitchen countertops and on the floor near the cooktop or on splash backs. These darkened spots can make beautiful stone surfaces look marked and miserable. Commercially, we tend to see oil stains around elevator callout buttons due to oils from human hands and from oil-based products used to maintain stainless steel fixtures.

In order to have a chance at extracting these oil stains, Stone Doctor Australia recommends Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml which has the power to emulsify deep-laden oil stains and bring them to the surface successfully. Also, Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml is a highly recommended stain remover that takes out even the most stubborn deep-set oil and grease stains from all stone surfaces. Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml is safe and is best for all kinds of natural stone surfaces.

Features of Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml:

  • Easy to apply gel
  • Very Economical
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Applicable to polished surfaces
  • For outdoors only

* As with all our stain removal products, we cannot guarantee that this product will work as stain removal works are subjective. In some situations, it may be a negative outcome while in others might see a reduction in intensity, or the stain may completely disappear. Also, repeat applications occasionally help.


How to Use Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml:

  • Remove solids and surface soiling mechanically using a scraper or a brush.
  • Apply Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml to the dry surface using a spatula, so that a coating thickness of at least 2mm is achieved.
  • Allow Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml to dry for approximately 12 hours.
  • The remaining powder can be brushed off after complete drying.
  • Please Note: some dark natural stone can show small amounts of the powder on the porous surface. If this happens please clean with Lithofin MN Power-Clean. Deeply ingrained dirt can be removed by 2 or 3 applications of the product. The active working time of Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml can be prolonged by covering the area with plastic film.  Do not apply under 10°C or over 25°C.  Do not use Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml on surfaces that are sensitive to solvents, lacquered, coated, or synthetic surfaces. It is recommended to try Lithofin OIL-EX - 250ml on a small area in an inconspicuous place.
  • Coverage: approx. 0.5m² / kg for 2 mm application thickness
  • Advice: We recommend impregnating stain-sensitive stone and concrete areas with Lithofin MN Stain-Stop after the stains have been removed. For regular maintenance use either Lithofin MN Easy-CareLithofin MN Easy-Clean & Lithofin MN Bathroom Cleaner - 500ml depending on the surface type and its requirements.



  • Refer to the Safety Data sheet (SDS) before use
  • Test in a small, hidden, area before the main application
  • Keep away from heat and humidity
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Contains Solvents & absorbent solids


Field of Use

  • For removing oil stains or grease-based dirt from marble, natural and artificial stone, concrete, etc. Ideal for kitchen work tops, garage entrances and similar areas.









Approx. 0.5 m2  per 250ml

Drying Time

24-48 Hours

Shelf Life

Up to 2 years


250ml Tube

Shipping Class

Dangerous Goods (Flammable)



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