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Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ML

Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ML

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Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ML

Marble & Limestone Rust Remover

Removing surface rust from natural stone improves the appearance, but its importance goes beyond aesthetics. Rust, left unchecked, can lead to pitting, damage, and discolouration to the composition which in turn can impact the condition and reliability of the stone surface in question. Stone Doctor Australia offers you a strong and special product in Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ml to keep the appearance of your stone from rust alteration and discolouration which is certainly undesirable from an aesthetic point of view.

One thing to note is, that rust stains are most difficult to remove from marble or any natural stone, so Stone Doctor Australia gives you Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ml designed to safely remove rust and residues from metal oxides with its mildly alkaline formula that is safe for use on all calcite materials i.e. limestone, marble, travertine, onyx, etc.

Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ml will not change the colour of the surface it is working with. Also, Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ml is highly suitable for polished marble, limestone, granite, gneiss, artificial stone, ceramic surfaces, and other natural and concrete-type substrates.

Features Of Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ml:

  • Ready to use
  • Acid-free
  • Easy application
  • Mildly alkaline
  • For outdoors and indoors use
  • Use on marble, limestone, granite, ceramic, concrete, and artificial stone

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*The reaction with rust will cause a purple reduction. In some instances, this purple stain in turn will temporarily replace the rust stain and will dissipate only after a few weeks on its own. If you need to remove these purple leftover spots in a much quicker manner, kindly contact our team and we will have a professional use only product to recommend for this.


How to Use Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ml:

  • Generously apply undiluted Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ml to the dry surface and distribute with a brush.
  • A purple discolouration shows the start of the reaction.
  • Allow Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ml to work for about 5 minutes, 10 minutes max!
  • Do not allow Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ml to dry on the surface.
  • After working time, add water and a splash of Lithofin MN Power-Cleanagitate, and rinse off with plenty of water.
  • Important: working time must not exceed 10 minutes. Repeat procedure in case of unsatisfactory results. Ferrous natural stones as well as coloured concrete stones may change colour after treatment with Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ml.
  • Please Note: always try Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ml in an inconspicuous area prior to use. Avoid contact with metal, varnish, wood, etc. Long working times on polished limestones may cause the surface to become slightly dull. The remaining light discolouration will disappear with time.
  • Application Temperature: not below 15°C.
  • Coverage: up to10 m2/L

Field of Use

  • For removing all kinds of rust stains.
  • Causes for these stains may be iron-containing fertilizers, metal garden furniture, leaking heating systems, etc.
  • Surfaces: Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ml is suitable for all ceramic surfaces, marble, limestone, granite, gneiss, concrete, and artificial stone.

* Kindly refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for Lithofin Rust-Ex - 500ml for complete details. The above consist of important extracted information only and not all.







Clear/Transparent (Reaction will change it to purple)

Base Type


Shelf Life

1 Year


Below 15ºC

Full Drying Time

5-10 Minutes


Up to 10m

Shipping Class

Non-Dangerous Good




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