(Lithofin Sealer Remover - 1 LITRE ). Lithofin ASR

Lithofin Sealer Remover - 1 LITRE

This is a strong alkaline heavy duty cleaner. It contains highly active and biodegradable cleaning components with solubilisers. It is solvent free and does not develop any unpleasant or harmful vapours. This Lithofin Sealer Remover - 1 LITRE products is used to strip and remove previously applied Lithofin Sealers.

Use Lithofin ASR which is our Lithofin Sealer Remover - 1L also for intensively cleaning and degreasing ceramics and porcelain, brick, natural and engineered stone surfaces which is suitable for use both indoor as well outdoor. Excellent for removing stubborn dirt deposits, grease, oil, wax, polymer layers, etc.. Test in a small inconspicuous area before use.

Protect all adjacent surfaces when using this Lithofin Sealer Remover - 1 LITRE as it has the tendency to damage paint, varnish, etc..

Coverage: Up to 100m2 / Litre
Packing: 1 Litre
Shipping Class: Dangerous Goods (Corrosive)


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