Lithofin MN Colour-Intensifier - 10 LITRE (Colour Enhancing Sealer)

Colour Enhancing Sealer

This special solvent base penetrating sealer contains colour enhancing and intensifying components. It is a ready to use siloxane which penetrates into the surface rendering it water repellent while at the same time intensifying the colour without producing any gloss. Great for indoors & outdoors. This colour enhancing sealer is indeed value for money.

Treated surfaces become more vivid with a wet like look. It will also aid maintenance largely due to its water resisting components which will prevent the surface staining. Ideal for use on dark materials.

Coverage: 7 - 15m2 / Litre
Packing: 10 Litre
Shipping Class: Dangerous Goods (Flammable)


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