Lithofin MN Polish Cream - 150 ML (Water Based Soft Wax)

Water Based Soft Wax. Suitable For Stone Benches.

This product is based on natural waxes, special additives and maintenance components. It penetrates into the stone surface and enhances the colour structure. With regular use, the surface can be polished to a high gloss using this water based soft wax by applying and buffing the excess off.

Treated surfaces become less sensitive to staining, scratches and similar blemishes. If used regularly, Lithofin MN Polish Cream can be the optimal care treatment for marble, granite and other natural stone. However, this is a surface enhancing product only and can't replace conventional stone polishing powders and compounds.

Coverage: Approximately 10 - 20m2 / Litre
Packing: 150ML


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