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MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml

MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml

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MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml

One-Step Stone Floor Cleaner For All Stone Types. No Rinse, No Streak Formulation.

MB1 Floor Amore - 946ml is a very concentrated, slightly alkaline detergent!
It does not require rinsing and leaves no dulling film. The composition of MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml contains specific organic salts that function as a "moisturiser," keeping the natural stone from "drying out."

MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml also contains optical brighteners to improve the quality of the surfaces on which it is used while maintaining a natural, streak-free appearance. Furthermore, while MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml was initially created for marble and granite, it is mild enough to be used on hardwood, ceramic, resilient tile, and any other non-water-damaged hard surface.

The variety of physical characteristics of natural stone floor surfaces may brighten or make any place appear lovely. These stone surfaces are a stylish and visually pleasant addition to any home or business.

More than ever, well-maintained stone floor surfaces assist boost a home's market value.
Stone Doctor Australia recommends using MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml as a helping tool to clean and preserve your stone surfaces for many years.

It's no surprise that many people prefer marble, granite, and other natural stone floorings for their stunning appearance and unrivaled durability. They are, however, deceptively prone to etching, and certain stone surfaces may both etch and stain. Although these floor surfaces are attractive and long-lasting, they require special cleaning and upkeep to remain in pristine condition.

Only by using the MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml will you be able to properly care for them. As long as you take care of your stone surfaces, they will age beautifully and even outlive your home. All you need is MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml!


The only method to avoid etching on your stone surfaces is to avoid coming into touch with acidic or caustic chemicals and cleansers. Spills on your floor surface should be cleaned up as quickly as possible.
Spills can permeate the pores in your stone surfaces and cause physical deformation if allowed to sit for an extended period of time. This is only avoidable if MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml is used.

Did you know that MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml has a long shelf life? This product is also great for wood floors, ceramic and porcelain tiles, and so forth. MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml is also perfect for maintaining big commercial floors with automated scrubbing equipment!

Prevent and Preserve is our exclusive label. We have carefully selected cleaning chemicals to provide superior stone and tile maintenance support. Having said that, genuine stone flooring requires special care.

It is advised that you seal your flooring to keep your stone floor surfaces from looking dull. Natural stone is a naturally porous substance that quickly absorbs food, drinks, and dirt that we use in our homes.

One of the best sealers is Lithofin MN Stain-Stop. This product penetrates into the surface and coats the capillaries with an extremely thin, invisible film. Oil, grease, and water are not absorbed by the surface upon proper treatment. A huge maintenance aid. Lithofin MN Stain-Stop does not change the appearance of the surface and will not enhance the colour. However, it is not suitable for bluestone and other dark granites. We recommend using our water-based penetrating sealer Lithofin Stainstop W for these stone types.

Do you have a question about MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml? Contact us right now to speak with one of our specialists! We are delighted to help you.

Features of MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml:

  • No dullness & easy to use
  • No-rinse concentrated formula
  • For polished or honed stone floors
  • Highly effective
  • Serves as a moisturiser


How to Use MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml:

  • Without prior experience or in cases of doubt, try the MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml in an inconspicuous area prior to use.
  • The surface to be treated must be completely dry and clean.
  • Mix MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml approximately 1 to 2 fl. oz. - according to the level of soil on the floor - with 1 gallon of warm or cold water.
  • Then mop as usual.
  • Do not rinse.
  • Rinsing would remove the organic salts in the formula that were designed to remain on the floor surface.
  • Do not use more MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml than the proportion indicated.


Additional Information on MB1 Floor Amore – 946ml:


MB Stone Care


Below 25°C


Colourless / Clear




Up to 1-3oz / 1 gallon of warm water

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Non-Dangerous Goods


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