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MB17 Stone Surface Wipes - 70pcs

MB17 Stone Surface Wipes - 70pcs

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MB17 Stone Surface Wipes - 70pcs

Disposable Stone Wipes Conveniently Designed To Get Rid Of Dust, Dirt, Oil, Etc. For Use On All Stone Types

It is critical to keep your stone surfaces in good condition. With all of the daily use, stains, and streaks, investing in a high-quality cleaning can help extend the life of your stone. MB17 Stone Surface Wipes - 70pcs is our suggested product since it is more convenient and is thought to be the quickest method to remove dirt and grime from all of your natural stone surfaces and keep them looking brand new.  Stone Doctor Australia provides the best and most cost-effective stone surface wipes — a single surface wipe that does it all.

MB17 Stone Surface Wipes - 70pcs is also simple to use! It removes fingerprints, food stains, and oil off stone surfaces safely. This product also eliminates dust, filth, oil, and smoke film while leaving a sparkling sheen. The Product will not leave streaks or a sticky film that may obscure your vision.

MB17 Stone Surface Wipes - 70pcs are pre-moistened with an adapted formulation of the extremely popular MB5 Stone And More Multi-Surface Cleaner – 946ml. Nothing compares to the simplicity and practicality of wiping clean your surfaces. Simply swipe and swipe. They are also excellent for mild daily cleaning of shower stalls! Furthermore, it is ideal for cleaning bathroom fixtures and stainless steel.

Mess and contamination are unavoidable, particularly on high-touch stone surfaces. Simply have MB17 Stone Surface Wipes - 70pcs in your cleaning cabinet to ensure you are always prepared. MB17 Stone Surface Wipes - 70pcs also make cleaning quick, simple, and convenient.

It is safe to use, and unlike other concentrated disinfectants, there is no need for additional training or equipment to use MB17 Stone Surface Wipes - 70pcs.

This product comes in a 6-can case. If you have any additional inquiries about MB17 Stone Surface Wipes - 70pcs, please contact our team of professionals right away. We are delighted to help!

Features of MB17 Stone Surface Wipes - 70pcs:

  • Easy to use
  • Quickly clean your natural stone or engineered surfaces
  • Up to 70 wipes
  • Great for daily light cleaning


How to Use MB17 Stone Surface Wipes - 70pcs:

  • Wipe the surface to be cleaned with a towel.
  • Discard after use.


  • Remove the lid by lifting upward.
  • Pull the towel from the center of the roll and thread through the “X” on the underside of the lid.
  • Close lid. Pull towel at a 90-degree angle.
  • Snap hinged cap back into place to ensure towels stay moist.

FOR USE ON: Engineered, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Quartzite, Serpentine, Slate, Terrazzo



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