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MB9 Instant Mildew Remover - 946ml

MB9 Instant Mildew Remover - 946ml

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MB9 Instant Mildew Remover - 946ml

Easy To Use Product That Instantly Removes Mould & Mildew Over Natural Stone Including Most Polished Marble Without Surface Damage

MB9 Instant Mildew Remover - 946ml is all you need to get rid of mould and mildew and keep it from recurring. If you want to maintain your house as a haven – a place of sanctuary – you should focus on keeping it clean and tidy while also decorating it with the most recent and stylish buys. Stone Doctor Australia is ready to assist you in making your house a cozier and more fresh environment. There is no need for specialized equipment or costly cleansers.

Mould and mildew are repulsive! They might also be harmful. In general, these are fungi that may be found in the wild. They thrive in clammy, damp, dark, and frequently heated environments. These fungi may readily take up home and grow in the absence of appropriate ventilation. Your house is a safe sanctuary. None of these things should be tolerated in your household.

The MB9 Instant Mildew Remover - 946ml is a natural stone mould, mildew, and odor remover that will not harm even the most polished marble surfaces. The MB9 Instant Mildew Remover - 946ml removes mildew spots without cleaning. Simply spray and see mildew stains fade away in a matter of minutes! Because of its germ-killing range, MB9 Instant Mildew Remover - 946ml leaves surfaces clean.

Allow your house to be the best it can be, and transform it into a place where you can generate more happy memories. It is achievable with MB9 Instant Mildew Remover - 946ml since it is a fantastic product that we strongly suggest for regular cleaning. Simply spray the damaged area with a ready-to-use mixture and see the stains erase right before your eyes!

We sincerely want your house to be more than just a place to live. It should also be a place of leisure and calm.

If you have any queries regarding MB9 Instant Mildew Remover - 946ml, please contact our customer service staff right away! We are always happy to help you.

Features of MB9 Instant Mildew Remover - 946ml:

  • Scrub free, just spray and watch mildew stains disappear
  • Safe & Easy to use
  • Suited for all-natural stone and tile including most polished marbles
  • Comes in a thicker gel-like solution


How To Use MB9 Instant Mildew Remover – 946ml


  • Spray on liberally.
  • Allow mould or mildew stain to disappear, be careful to not allow MB9 Instant Mildew Remover – 946ml to dry on the surface.
  • Then rinse thoroughly.
  • Repeat these steps if necessary.
  • In the case of very old stubborn staining, you can use a soft brush to help break up the stain.
  • Drying is not necessary.
  • If used on surfaces that will touch food, rinse thoroughly at least twice.
  • NOTE: MB9 Instant Mildew Remover – 946ml will NOT remove the accumulation of soap scum. (For that, use our specific product MB3 Soap Film Remover – 946ml)


  • Refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before use of MB9 Instant Mildew Remover – 946ml


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