Montolit Goal Transport Cart - 1 Unit

Montolit Goal Transport Cart - 1 Unit

The ‘Goal’ Trolley is the ideal solution to move large format Tiles in the warehouse or ON SITE.

With ‘Goal’ slabs up to a maximum weight of 150kg can be carried in total safety and where there are points of contact between the cart and the items being carried, materials such as wood and foam, can be put in place so as to avoid chipping and slipping.

Two hooks in the upper part of the carriage serve to support the Superstick frame thus facilitating the easy coating of adhesive glue to the tile and also creating continuity of movement between the lifting phase of the plate and the installation.

‘Goal’ will easily fold to minimise space during transport and storage.

Four soft rubber castors positioned on each corner allow superb control of movement and direction plus they make it extremely stable.

Two of the wheels have brakes which can be locked to keep the carriage in the desired position

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