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RK760 Flowmask Drop Down Drape Refill Only (2700mm x 17m) - 1 Roll

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Temporary Surface Protection

Temporary Surface Protection Items to Protect All Adjacent Surfaces when Restoring Engineered Quartz Bench Tops & Vanities.

Stone Doctor Australia strives to provide temporary surface protection that is simple to apply and reduces clean-up time on-site. If you work in the stone and tile care industry and want to secure expensive and significant surfaces from extra building expenditures and repairs, this collection of temporary surface protection is a high-quality solution created exclusively for surface protection during the restoration process of engineered stone.

Today's modern stone and tile repair sites are often a hive of activity for builders. As a result, many craftsmen are hurrying to finish their jobs and sometimes inadvertently damage surfaces that may be very expensive to repair or replace, in addition to disrupting restoration timetables.

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