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Standard Natural Stone Floor Care Kit

Standard Natural Stone Floor Care Kit

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Standard Natural Stone Floor Care Kit

Advanced Kit To Care For Your Stone Floors


Standard Natural Stone Floor Care Kit


Stuck in a home and wondering how to clean natural stone floors? Natural stone floors can lose their beauty and sparkle over time, and poor cleaning and maintenance can drastically damage your floors. Fortunately, Stone Doctor Australia gives you the hope and chance to redeem the timeless beauty of your floors. Whatever your cleaning expectation is we will try to match it using our Standard Natural Stone Floor Care Kit.


A lot of people choose natural stone for its exceptional durability and stunning finish. Natural stone is a popular feature both inside and outside homes. With that being said, you have to make sure that your stone floors are well-maintained using our Standard Natural Stone Floor Care Kit to ensure its beauty is not only maintained but also enhanced.


Be especially attentive to elements like dirt, sand, and other rough debris that collects on your floors and should be removed as soon as possible to avoid scratches and damage to your floors. Simple care and maintenance will help preserve your floor’s beauty for many years to come. Stone Doctor Australia recommends Standard Natural Stone Floor Care Kit for your natural stone floors.


Standard Natural Stone Floor Care Kit product inclusions:

Your natural stone floor is a work of wonder that needs a little work from you. The results can be amazing if the best floor cleaning products are used. Of course, cleaning products from our Standard Natural Stone Floor Care Kit is the best one for ongoing maintenance of your natural stone flooring.

Presenting the Edco Glomesh Pad White- 5 pcs as a non-abrasive scrubbing pad for when some agitation is required. These pads can be safely used on any stone type and finish. Use them with Edco Scourer Pad with Handle- 1 unit. This handheld scrubber allows you to use the Edco Glomesh Pad White- 5 pcs with easy. It’s a strong all-nylon hand scrubber used on all hard floors and baseboards and hooks to hold the pads in place. The  Edco Handy Grout Brush- 1 unit in this kit has a great ergonomic handle with a front edge scraper, and a hanging hook for easy and clean storage. Edco General Purpose Lobby Pan- 1 unit is ideal for constant use in any environment. It has an ergonomic single clip broom handle for comfort. It can be used for all indoors as well as for outdoors. Another one is Edco Heavy Duty Broom- 1 unit which works with all Edco lobby pans. It has medium stiff bristles that trap particles and litter on the floor. The Edco Enduro Spray Mop- 1 unit has onboard fluid storage for all in one flat mopping solution. This spray mop is easy to use and has a built-in fluid indicator on the side of the handle. Lastly, the Lithofin MN Easy Care- 1L X 2 bottles assures you and gives you special soft gentle care and aid you in the general maintenance of your floor. Lithofin MN Easy-Care is for the maintenance of all-natural and engineered stone floor surfaces. It cleans and maintains the stone in a single application. It contains agents that take up the dirt and makes it easy to remove by mopping. Once applied, it will create a wax-free patina and with continued use, the surface colour will continue to remain vibrant.

Of course, not all floor surfaces are the same. They have different properties. So, choosing which floor cleaning kit we have to offer is important. It is essential to choose the right cleaning care for your stone surfaces. And you are on the right track! This Standard Natural Stone Floor Care Kit will help your stone flooring in your home be left in tip-top condition at all times.

Our Standard Natural Stone Floor Care Kit is exactly what you are looking for. If you have any queries about this Standard Natural Stone Floor Care Kit, chat with our team experts now! We are pleased to assist you.


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