Stonelux Compacc Toolbox - 1 Set

Stonelux Compacc Toolbox - 1 Set

StoneLux Compacc enables you to keep your start-up costs at a minimum whilst offering you a wide range of options to choose from. The StoneLux components are fully coordinated with each other. They can be mixed with each other and they can be purchased as part of a kit or individually.

StoneLux compacc Toolbox [contents]
3 Repair Colours, 3 x sets of repair crystals, 1 bonding pen, finishing accessories,
TWINLUX curing light. 1 Minute curing time.

Other Available Stone Lux Products Are:
Stonelux Eco
Stonelux Professional 

Stonelux Consumables:
Stonelux Primer Pen
Stonelux Filler Colours

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