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Tenacious X400 Surface Cleaner - 1L/Tin

Tenacious X400 Surface Cleaner - 1L/Tin

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Tenacious X400 Surface Cleaner - 1L/Tin

Tenacious X400 Surface Cleaner is a special blend of hydrocarbons designed to clean and prepare surfaces prior to the application of adhesive tapes. Tenacious X400 Surface Cleaner - 1L/Tin is used in conjunction with Tenacious Cleaning and Scouring Pads this product is designed for treating surfaces and will thereby assist in ensuring optimal bond strength is achieved. Ideal for use on metals, glass, rubber, and most plastic and painted surfaces. Also, Tenacious X400 Surface Cleaner - 1L/Tin can be used for the clean-up of adhesive surface residue and over-spray. 

The performance of pressure-sensitive tapes is largely dependent on the quality of the initial bond and careful surface preparation will markedly enhance this. Test for compatibility on surfaces since may affect certain painted and plastic finishes. Always ensure safe handling practices are observed when using this solvent.


How to Use Tenacious X400 Surface Cleaner - 1L/Tin:


X400 can be applied either using Tenacious Cleaning Pads or a lint-free cloth/tissue. For heavily soiled or contaminated areas the use of Tenacious Scouring Pads may be required. If the surface is flooded with solvent then remove it with a lint-free cloth or tissue and then carry out a light final clean with solvent and cloth. Ensure that the cloth is regularly changed and only rub in one direction to prevent cross-contamination. Ensure that all solvent has been removed or has evaporation prior to applying tape to the cleaned surface. Glove protection should be worn at all times when handling this solvent


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