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Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer - 1 Litre

Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer - 1 Litre

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Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre

Colour Enhancer and Wet Look Stone Sealer


Product Description:

Are you looking for an extra smooth, cozy & rustic, and shine effect on your stone surfaces? Of course, that’s what we want too, and your request is our command! Most stones aren’t naturally glossy without using special grinding and polishing techniques. However, you can add shine to your stone surfaces with minimal work, and keep them looking fresh with regular maintenance. To get your stone surfaces shining, you’ll need the best natural stone colour enhancer such as Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre. Then, follow the guide below to give your well-deserved stone surfaces the enhancement they truly deserved.

Natural stones are known for their hard surfaces, longevity, and easy-to-clean surfaces. They are perfectly the best choice because they appear to be classic and modern at the same time. As hard as they can be, they are not completely indestructible and invulnerable to damage. They can get dull over time. So, Stone Doctor Australia is here to extend help and care in avoidance of the extent of damage and what can be done to restore your stone surfaces. We recommend you to use Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre, and below are the reasons why.

Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre is suitable for agenting all types of marbles, travertines, stones, granites, and agglomerates to obtain a “wet” effect both for indoor and outdoor. We suggest the application on surfaces rough, sanded, brushed, flamed, or honed to obtain the wet effect. Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre is also suitable to protect the surfaces against oil and water. The product does not change colour when is exposed to the rayed sun. Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre operates in the micro porosities of materials giving a permanent “wet” effect.

This top-quality product conveys an anti-graffiti effect too. Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre is a terrific low-cost marble sealer, granite sealer, and other natural stone sealers. It will last for years and is simple to apply. Another high-quality product from Tenax. Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre is an excellent product for sealing the all-natural stone. Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre will enhance and deepen the color of the stone. Once it dries it will give your stone total protection against stains!

This is an excellent product and we recommend it thoroughly. If you have any questions about Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre, chat with our team of experts now! We are always pleased to assist you.

Features of Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre

  • Excellent Primer
  • Highly effective colour enhancer
  • Water & oil-proof
  • Wet look stone sealer
  • UV Resistant
  • Helps protects against Graffiti
  • Stain-resistant & Non-yellowing



How To Use Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – Litre:


  • Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre must be evenly applied on dry and clean materials.
  • The presence of water, dust o dirty matter may influence the result regarding the uniformity of the surface.
  • We suggest spreading the Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre using a brush, cloth, sponge, or gun spray.
  • Use the right quantity that the material can naturally absorb.
  • Then, after a few seconds, clean (buff) the surfaces with a clean cloth.
  • Any excess of Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre creates superficial glossy and sticky films, so the excess must be removed immediately after the application.
  • We suggest repeating this treatment after 10-15 minutes from the first application.
  • The effect of anti-stain will be achieved after 24 hours from the treatment.
  • In the case of floor application, do not walk on the surface before.

IMPORTANT: When a surface is treated for the first time, we suggest testing the Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre on a small hidden part for testing the effect. After usage, close the tins well sealed.

WARNING: Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre does not provide anti-etch protection on marble surfaces. The use of acidic substances such as wine, tomatoes, citrus, coffee, etc. will etch the surface by creating a chemical reaction with eh calcium carbonate present in marbles.



  • Refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before use of Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – Litre


* Kindly refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre for complete details. The above consist of important extracted information only and not all.


Additional Information of Tenax AGER Colour Enhancer – 1 Litre:








Base Type

Liquid (Chemical)

Shelf Life

2 years


Closed, Cool & Dry between 18-25°c

Full Drying Time



1 litre is possible to treat 20-30 square meters of stone

Shipping Class

Dangerous Goods (Flammable)


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