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Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre - Stone Doctor Australia - Tenax
Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre - Stone Doctor Australia - Tenax
Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre - Stone Doctor Australia - Tenax
Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre - Stone Doctor Australia - Tenax
Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre - Stone Doctor Australia - Tenax
Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre - Stone Doctor Australia - Tenax

Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre


Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre

Trade Grade Solvent Based Stone Impregnating Sealer

Sealing your granite surfaces will help prevent it from getting stained. This impregnating invisible sealer will prevent oil, water, and other contaminants from permeating the surface and staining it. Stone Doctor Australia offers this trade grade product at a reasonable price and is a good way to make certain that you have now now enabled easier after care by using Tenax Hydrex -  1 Litre.

Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre is ideal for factories producing a high volume of polished marble and granite. Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre gives a good level of protection against the risk of staining. It renders the stone surface repellent to water and oil-based liquids and inhibits the penetration of these liquids into the surface of the material.

The liquids remain on the surface and can be wiped off without absorbing through and staining. It does not form a film on the surface nor does it alter the colour or tonality of the materials being treated. Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre allows the stone to breathe naturally.

Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre is a Stone Impregnating Sealer that prevents liquids (stains) from penetrating into the material through its micro-pores and capillaries.

Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre Stone Impregnating Sealer is both waterproof and oil-proof. Excellent for granite, Carrara, Thassos, Trani, Botticini, Marfill and similar stones. It is especially effective on polished granite and polished marble. Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre allows the stone to breathe to maintain its natural characteristics. Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre may be used both indoors and outdoors. It does not change the colour of the stone. Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre keeps the surface impervious.


Features Of Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre

  • For polished marble and granite
  • Good level of protection
  • Water and oil repellent
  • Concentrated
  • Highly effective
  • Doesn’t change the colour
  • Very durable

Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre does not provide anti-etch protection on marble surfaces. Contact with acidic substances such as wine, tomato, citrus, coffee, etc. will etch the surface by creating a chemical reaction with the calcium carbonate present in marble..

How To Use Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre

  • The product must be evenly applied on dry and clean materials.
  • The presence of water, dust or dirty matter may influence the result regarding the uniformity of the surface.
  • We suggest to spread the product using a brush, sponge, microfibre cloth or through a low pressure spray gun.
  • Use the right quantity that the material naturally can absorb.
  • Then, after few seconds, clean (buff) the surfaces with a clean cloth.
  • The excess may create a superficial sticky film, so the excess must be removed immediately after the application.
  • We suggest to repeat this treatment after 10-15 minutes from the first application.
  • The effect of anti-stain will be achieved after 24 hours from the treatment.
  • In case of floor application, do not walk on the surface
  • Important: when a surface is treated for the first time, we suggest to test Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre on a small hidden part for testing the effect. After usage, close can and seal well.



  • Refer to the Safety Data sheet (SDS) of Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre before use.
  • Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry, well ventilated area, removed from incompatible substances, heat or ignition sources and food stuffs.
  • Ensure containers are adequately labelled, protected from physical damage and sealed when not in use.
  • Check regularly for leaks or spills.
  • Large storage areas should be bunded and have appropriate fire protection and ventilation systems.

* Kindly refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre for complete details. The above consist of important extracted information only and not all. 

Additional Information on Tenax Hydrex - 1 Litre







Base Type


Shelf Life

2 Years


Closed, Cool & Dry between 65 and 77°C

Full Drying Time

24 Hours



Shipping Class

Dangerous Goods (Flammable)



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