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Tenax Nero Plus- 1 Litre

Tenax Nero Plus- 1 Litre

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Tenax Nero Plus- 1 Litre

Black Granite Colour Enhancer During Stone Production or Restoration.

Over time, improper cleaning can generally attacks black granite and its deep colour. As Stone Doctor Australia aims to meet our client’s various needs through our offerings of premium quality stone care solutions, Tenax Nero Plus- 1 Litre happens to be a specialised product for professional use only. 

Processed using the best quality chemical compounds by Tenax, Italy, Tenax Nero Plus- 1 Litre is extensively used as a color enhancer for black granite as it hides the white dots on the material. In order to ensure flawlessness, Tenax Nero Plus- 1 Litre is tested on various parameters by our stone care technician to give the tick of approval. This is a product that is used during the mid stages of restoration or in stone production environments when working with black granite in particular. 

The suggested use of Tenax Nero Plus- 1 Litre is for eliminating the defects of black granite types like Black Africa or Black Impala and similar materials. Its application brings to darken the surface making it the blackest possible after which the restoration process must continue to the final polishing phase using a product like MB-20 Granite Polishing Cream. Tenax Nero Plus- 1 Litre is very economical and easy to use.

You can learn more about Tenax Nero Plus- 1 Litre and how to effectively use it by chatting with our team experts now!

Features Of Tenax Nero Plus- 1 Litre

  • For black granite e.g. Zimbabwe black
  • Darkens the colour
  • Makes surface more homogenous
  • Hides small imperfections
  • Gives a deep shine
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic property


    How To Use Tenax Nero Plus- 1 Litre

    • Apply after the surface has been honed to at least G1000 and to a completely dry granite face.
    • Once dry, pass the last grade of abrasive over the surface


      • Refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Tenax Nero Plus- 1 Litre
      • Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry, well ventilated area, removed from incompatible substances, heat or ignition sources and food stuffs.
      • Ensure containers are adequately labelled, protected from physical damage and sealed when not in use. Check regularly for leaks or spills. Large storage areas should be bunded and have appropriate fire protection and ventilation systems.


        Additional Information on Tenax Nero Plus- 1 Litre







        Base Type


        Shelf Life

        2 years


        Closed, Cool & Dry between 10-25°C.

        Full Drying Time

        12 Hours



        Shipping Class

        Non-Dangerous Goods



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