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Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre

Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre

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Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre

Special Solvent Liquid Wax For Black Granite

If you’re looking for a periodic treatment for your black granite bench tops or bathroom vanities, Stone Doctor Australia suggest that you consider Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre. It is highly effective as part of your long term maintenance regime to upkeep the pristine beauty of your black granite surfaces.

Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre is a black liquid wax used to increase the black effect on polished, brushed and smooth surfaces. Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre increases the black effect without the increase of the gloss. It is used on black granite materials in that Black Zimbabwe, Black Africa and Black Indian granite.

Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre can be used on a proper automatic waxing machine or can be done manually. It is suggested to restore tired black granite materials which has lost the blackness.

Features Of Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre

  • Colour Enhancer

  • Concentrated

  • Highly Effective

  • Very Durable


How To Use Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre

  • Products must be evenly applied on dry and clean materials.

  • The presence of water, dust or dirty matter may influence the result regarding the uniformity of the surface.

  • We suggest to spread the product using a brush or cloth.

  • Apply a uniform quantity on the surface.

  • Let the wax dry very well in few minutes and rub and buff carefully the surfaces by a cleaned cloth or a felt.

  • The excess Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre must be removed right after the application.

  • You will obtain an immediate effect.

  • It is possible to apply by automatic waxing line. The product freezes at 0 / +1°C.

  • It becomes liquid at room temperature.

  • After usage, close the tins well sealed.



  • Refer to the Safety Data sheet (SDS) for Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre before use.

  • Test Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre in a small, hidden, area before the main application

  • Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre is a chemical product. Handle with appropriate PPE

  • Keep away from heat and humidity

  • Keep away from direct sunlight

  • Use in a well-ventilated area


Field of Use

  • When a surface is treated for the first time, we suggest to test the Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre on a small hidden part for testing the effect. After usage, close the tins well sealed.


Additional Information on Tenax Uniblack2 - 1 Litre







Base Type


Shelf Life

2 Years


Closed, Cool & Dry between 18-25°c

Full Drying Time

3 days



Shipping Class

Dangerous Goods (Flammable)


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