Tenax Liquid Wax (Cera-Fluida) - 1 LITRE


It is a transparent liquid wax, used to increase the polishing effect on onyxes, marble, natural stones, granite, agglomerates, terrazzo. Also It is used to brighten up the lost polishing effect. It can be used on the rough or brushed surfaces to obtain a semi-matt affect.  

The product drys very quickly. The application may increase the polish from 7-6 to 19-20 point of gloss. The final film is very hard and with very good resistance to outdoor conditions. The classic product is a result of special waxes dissolved in solvent that allow a high penetration level on treated material leading to a long-lasting effect. The product can be used on proper automatic waxing machine.

Packing: 1 Litre
Shipping Class: Dangerous Goods (Flammable)

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