(Stone Floor Polishing Wax). Bellinzoni Wax Liquid RR/1

Stone Floor Polishing Wax

A warm, dry and long-lasting polish can be achieved with Bellinzoni RR/1 which will last through several cleaning operations which is a stone floor polishing wax. It is a highly concentrated product so it can be heavily diluted in water, making it very economical to use.

Bellinzoni RR/1 is also pleasantly perfumed. It provides long-lasting resistance to damage from foot traffic and does not leave patches. It does not contain any of the resins that cause unsightly films.

This stone floor polishing wax can potentially help improve tired marble, limestone, travertine, granite stone floor surfaces.

Note: Waxes can potentially make the floor slippery initially but after a few maintenance and mopping attempts, it will significantly reduce.


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