Common Wrong Practices On Natural Stone Floors

Common Wrong Practices On Natural Stone Floors

Important Points To Note On How To Care For Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone is highly valued for its infinitely variable style and renowned strength and durability. However, we’ve been fabricating natural stone given by mother nature as commercial commodity. We’ve been normalising common wrong practices on natural stone floors. When doing wrong feels right, there’s something wrong that should be stopped outright!

We’ve been wasting and abusing them as we pleased. We’ve been consuming the most expensive materials in the world at the lowest prices, without understanding their preciousness and hard-earned value. Doing things this way is good and will only affect your investment. In this article, we will go through with the most common wrong practices on natural stone floors that should be avoided.

To bring an essential awareness today, Stone Doctor Australia pinpoints the top 3 common wrong practices carried out on natural stone floors frequently.

  1. Lack of a Regular Cleaning Regimen

One of the common wrong practices on natural stone floors people usually make is neglecting to care for their stone surfaces until they are visibly worn out. Dirt, dust, sand, wet leaves, and dead insects should not be allowed to sit on top of natural stone surfaces. These elements usually come with normal airflow, foot traffic, via pets or animals, other moving matter on the stone surfaces. If these particles get wet, they can give birth to bacterial colonies, viruses, mould, mildew, and tiny insects. Wrong practices on natural stone floors should be stopped!

The simplest thing to avoid damage is to have a regular cleaning regimen in place to manage and maintain the natural beauty and extend the lifespan of your natural stone in your area. Keep your natural stone surfaces clean and dry all the times by avoiding all common wrong practices on natural stone floors.

  1. Improper Cleaning Tools

Today, we have a wide range of cleaning tools to accomplish the job of cleaning natural stone surfaces on a DIY basis or by professionals. Being unaware of the common wrong practices when caring for natural stone floors greatly increase the chances of damages than we actually anticipate when you can’t meet the cleaning aspects of your stones surfaces according to their stone type.

Therefore, avoid cleaning tools that are not suitable for your stone surfaces is essential. The selection of cleaning products becomes vital when beautifully finished surfaces are in question. Simple care, maintenance and avoiding wrong practices on natural stone floors will help preserve the stone’s beauty for generations to come.

  1. Inappropriate Cleaning Solutions

Natural stone needs special care so that its beauty and elegance prevail over time. To make this happen, you should be aware of the common wrong practices on natural stone floors and avoid doing the same. Unfortunately, most of us are devoid of the science behind stone care solutions and its application in regards to different stone types. With the right practices, you can maintain their original appearance by using approved & appropriate cleaning solutions.

If you’re unsure which cleaning solutions to use, you can chat with one of our team experts regarding our cleaning products as how to apply and use. If you are aiming for extraordinary results, you should start doing different things like avoiding common wrong practices on natural stone floors. Having said that, only use cleaning solutions that are well suited. It is always a good practice to check your cleaning solutions and read the technical & safety datasheets before using them. Continuous use of inappropriate cleaning solutions eventually results in weakening stone strength and its to capabilities.

Yes, mistakes can go a long way, and many more which are out of scope to go in detail. We hear you and we got you! Natural stone surfaces are a wonderful investment that deserves and require proper care. If you make a mistake or overlook maintenance, you could risk damaging your beautiful material. That’s why it is important to be aware of the common wrong practices on natural stone floors. Your stone surfaces needs a little loving care and must be diligently maintained.

Therefore, you will certainly need a helping hand from us to learn, be guided, and to get assistance in providing solutions to each of your natural stone surface care requirements. It is at Stone Doctor Australia where you can get the right start on how to care for these timeless stone floors and other surfaces.

We hope this article has helped in addressing common wrong practices on natural stone floors and why it should be avoided. Our team of experts can help with the right recommendations and guidance on how to care for your natural stone surfaces from day one.

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