Engineered Quartz Care & Maintenance

Here you will find all the information you need to care and look after engineered quartz surfaces. These surfaces are a man made composite constituting of quartz crystal of varied sizes and colour being held in a highly compacted matrix of resinous matter.

In saying this, engineered quartz will never have the same surface qualities when comparing them with naturals stone i.e. granite, limestone, marble, etc.. They are extremely inert to acidity and general spillage from food products. It's low to almost non absorptive surface properties are one to be praised however this will vary from product to product and is largely influenced by the quality of the production process and for the top brands - their reputation. There are premium brands which everyone should consider when selecting due to this very reason. 

To add further, these type of surfaces are hard and highly resilient. However this does not mean its' bullet proof. Engineered quartz care is something not to be taken lightly. Two common usage errors are:

1. Placing extreme hot pots / pans directly on the surface without the use of trivets. Expansion due to direct heat will crack the surface.

2. Usage of abrasive scourers or abrasive cleaning compounds for spot cleaning ingrained dirt. This will remove the original factory finish which is tedious and expensive to restore. Some would say impossible to make good.

At Stone Doctor Australia, we have specific products for regular maintenance as well as to address deep ingrained stains. Using our recommended engineered quartz care products will ensure no unwanted damages whilst preserving the beauty of these wonderfully crafted surfaces.

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