Premium Stone Penetrating Sealers. Research, development & technology at its best. This Milan manufactured range of Stone Penetrating Sealers has taken sealer technology to the next level. Nano-tech penetrating sealers now provides unrivalled protection to natural and engineered stone surfaces like never before.

Specialised epoxies for stone filling and repair works. We have ultra clear solid, liquid and even one epoxy that is ultra thin for micro cracks, fissures and pinholes. 

Cleaners, waxes and polishing products are amongst the other unique stone care items this Italian brand carries. Selling efficient products since 1937.

If you are 2 minds about which stone penetrating sealers to go with, let this  brand convince you with their 81 solid years in business, fierce R&D and their finest range of stone care solutions to choose from. Call our trained consultants today at 03-9429 1223 today and seek out what is best!

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