Montolit For Handling Porcelain Sheets

With the usage of sintered porcelain sheets growing in popularity as coverings for kitchen benches, vanities while even being put down on commercial floors, it has been an uphill challenge with fabricators on managing this new technologically advanced product that is ultra dense.

Montolit for porcelain sheet handling is the brand that most fabricators have chosen to go with. This brand has all the required tools big or small due to their extensive technical Research & Development department to design and develop new and different systems for cutting and drilling into these ultra compact sintered materials.

The range of Montolit products covers areas with material handling, mobility, protection, cutting, scribing, coring, etc.. With these state of the art Italian manufactured equipment and tools, you will surely surpass the competitors outcome by leaps and bounds with increased productivity having the precision you can rely on.

Montolit for handling porcelain sheets is now available at Stone Doctor Australia. Among all items here, the most popular is the Montolit Master Piuma innovative tile cutter that come is 2 different sizes. 

Speak to our specialist consultants for more information on Montolit for handling porcelain sheets along with all their other tools.

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