Diarex Cutting Blades & Core Dril Bits

Through the years, Diarex has gained the reputation of being one of the best brands in stone masonry tools in Australia and is most popular for its cutting blades.

Stone Doctor Australia currently stocks:

1. Diamond segmented cutting blades in various diameter.
2. Electroplated core drill bits from small to large diameter.
3. Mobile stone slab production table and general production tools.
4. Seam setters and other slab installation devices.

Diarex cutting blades also known as circular saw blades are available in various sizes and uses, with each catering for different stone types, machine diameter, cutting depth, etc.. Stone Doctor Australia recommends the use of Diarex cutting blades as they are safe to use, strong, long lasting and far more superior in comparison to other brands in the market.

Diarex cutting blades are designed for use on marble, limestone, granite, bluestone, engineered quartz, sintered porcelain, dense ceramics, etc..

Our Diarex core drill bits are also a popular choice among stonemasons & tilers for that perfect core when needing to punch or puncture holes on stone and tiles. This is due to their high European manufacturing standards. They can be used on a wide range of substrates including that of marble, limestone, travertine, porcelain, ceramic, granite, engineered stone surfaces, etc..

With more than a dozen sizes available, you will be sure to select one that will suit your immediate needs.

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