We are delighted to provide a wide selection of natural stone stain removers designed to suit various stone types, such as marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone, granite, quartzite, bluestone, terrazzo, slate, and many others. 

They are mainly imported from Germany, Italy & America respectively and certainly act as trouble-shooting products which are a necessity in the stone industry. Our stone and marble stain removers has helped on numerous occasions to save stained materials and substrates that would otherwise will have little or no aesthetic value.

The common stains found in natural stone are usually rust and oil. Some stone types having naturally occurring Iron content can become rust patterns through oxidation with the presence of water or moisture. As for oil stains, it usually happens on kitchen benches especially the cook top bench and the splash back. This oils really come from food preparation and cooking. Oil staining truly can be prevented if the surface is sealed well. Best to look up our range of premium stone penetrating sealers to avoid staining altogether.

Our stone stain removers works through either a direct bleaching process or will have to be used in a poulticing method. It is best to consult with one of our team members on which product would suit your need and on how to use it. Bear in mind that these stain removers are for professional use and some level of experience handling natural stone and chemical usage would be essential.

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