Stone slab & tile installation work requires good skill, proper stone tools, approved products and most importantly understanding of the material being used. Natural stone slab installation for example requires the stonemason to be skilled enough to face up with challenges of veining, book matching, porosity, etc.. Working with natural stone is challenging and can be complicated unlike using consistent porcelain or ceramics as surface coverings. Investing in high quality stone tools are indeed essential.

Installing marble as wall and floor covering is not a new thing. It’s been going on for more that a 100 years with churches and cathedrals for example been beautified by master stonemasons whose craftsmanship is seen till this very day. Installing marble today has very little similarities compared to the way older master stonemasons worked back then. Having both limited resources and stone tools, it was indeed a huge challenge to overcome back then but not so much in today’s day and age.

With modern day influence, stone tools has made it much easier for the professional when faced with numerous installation requirements from bench tops, vanities, fire places to complicated wall cladding both internal and external.

Here you will find not only stone tools for stonemasons but adhesives and other chemical products you will need to successfully complete your installation. Having everything you need is essential and we at Stone Doctor Australia will continue to source new state of the art industry developed premium stone tools to enable more precision installation with quicker turn around times.

We welcome all enquiries from Stonemasons, Tilers & Builders. Be sure to complete the application form to receive trade prices and discounts on specials. Our team here are most willing in assisting you to find the right stone tools you seek.

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