Our Lithofin regular range generally comprises of water based products from day to day cleaning products, periodic cleaners on to specialised water based penetrating sealers. Products here have different uses with some of them for use on natural stone and engineered surfaces - The MN Series, while the rest will be for porcelain & ceramic tiles - The KF Series.

Lithofin MN Power-Clean & Lithofin Stainstop W represents our top 2 sellers in this category.

They represent an excellent combination of 2 products when you wish to thoroughly clean your existing stone tiles or slabs and have them sealed or resealed. This will keep the surface protected from potentially getting stained for years.

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Use Lithofin MN Power-Clean & Lithofin Stainstop W with confidence over all sawn or honed finished stone surfaces.

After the surfaces has been cleaned, this penetrating sealer can be applied over marble, limestone, travertine, bluestone, granite and most engineered stone types. Lithofin regular products like Lithofin Stainstop W protects natural and engineered stone surfaces from the absorption of oil, grease, dirt and all other waterborne staining liquids from penetrating treated surfaces. Buy this Lithofin product online and it will work for your surfaces effectively for many many years.

Another 2 popular Lithofin regular products are Lithofin MN Easy-Clean & Lithofin MN Easy-Care.

These ultra special products are for daily care and maintenance of all stone surfaces. It cleans, enhances and maintains the surface of stone floors all in one action. Rough and polished surfaces become increasingly beautiful and richer in colour and structure with regular use. It is ideal for use on sealed surfaces. Lithofin MN Easy-Care is concentrated and gives a very high yield and is solvent free. With highly effective agents, it takes up dirt with ease when mopping. Lithofin MN-Easy-Clean on the other hand is a ready to use spray and wipe cleaner for smaller surfaces like kitchen benches, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds etc.. They both will help preserve the good looks of your surfaces when used regularly. Buy these Lithofin products online for your convenience.

Lithofin regular products are fully imported from Germany and have been top selling products in Australia for the past 12 years. These products are conveniently packed in 1, 5 & 10 Litres respectively.

The brand Lithofin is definitely amongst world leaders when it comes to products for cleaning, sealing, protecting and maintaining natural | engineered stone and tiles that including porcelain and ceramics tiled surfaces. Keeping true with its philosophy of quality, service and in creating special products that fully satisfy their clients and consumers around the world.

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