According to research, one of the most common household complaints identified is that the whole house has been poorly maintained. In which I know you couldn’t agree more. Seeing stone surfaces in the kitchen, shower, and bathroom in a very bad shape gives you headaches and stress. We hear you!

If you’re thinking about replacing your kitchen, shower, and bathroom surfaces because they don’t look good, don’t! You’re taking it too far. Stone Doctor Australia is here to save your day and your pocket from grievance. We know exactly what you need.

Adequate and proper cleaning maintenance is required for all natural stones which come in many different material types. Stone is a natural product and it has been used for centuries in the construction of buildings. It is even more widely used today, due to it being both a durable and high-quality material and its ability to provide a modern look. To keep the natural beauty of your stone surfaces, it’s essential to have a piece of knowledge in caring for wet areas since the kitchen, shower, and bathroom are the busiest part of the house and gets wet all the time.

Stone is susceptible to damage if it is not regularly and properly cleaned. It can lead to moisture damage or other water related issues that can give rise to the growth of mold, moss and algae on exterior surfaces. Alcoholic beverages, sauces, fruit juices, and all other acidic substances around your house will lead to the etching of calcium containing stone instantly on contact.

Other staining liquids may it be water or oil based can absorb into these beautiful surfaces. These stains and unwanted marks are below the surface. They are almost impossible to remove without the use of proper methods along with some very specialised stain removing products which sometimes can't do anything as it might be too late. We recommend that all natural stone surfaces be sealed regularly with a suitable stone penetrating sealer to avoid these staining issues altogether. 

Stone Doctor Australia offers you beyond brand cleaning products that you can rely on and products that provide a deep clean which delivers lasting results. When cleaning, it is unlikely for someone to have the necessary knowledge and skills to restore and preserve natural stone surfaces and will need the expertise of a Stone Care Professional to assist with these sort of tasks.

Here when caring for wet areas, it does not require you to enrol, sign up, and attend to any cleaning or training program for you to keep your natural stone surfaces pristine, all you need to do is just read along. We will assist and guide you however none of the products here are remedial or rejuvenating and cannot assist in improving wear patterns or imperfections that your surfaces currently have. These issues must be first addressed with professional restoration and thereafter to enjoy these great products.

We take great pride in the quality of products we are offering. Stone Doctor Australia delivers excellence always. Your natural stones can improve with age, like a fine wine. Take note that using incorrect methods or the use of wrong cleaning products can lead to degrading the stone surface. Because of this, caring for wet areas with our recommended products are a must!

Caring for wet areas with Stone Doctor Australia will not only save you from spending but brings you peace and a good life. Here, there are all high-quality cleaning and maintenance items ready for use on your stone surfaces.

Look our for our new special three bundles available for your convenience for caring of engineered quartz surfaces. We have Basic, Standard, and Premium. Caring for wet areas shouldn’t give you hard time especially in choosing products that are generally inexpensive.

If you have any the further enquiries about caring for wet areas, we have our team experts that are ready to provide you with advice on how to best preserve the natural beauty of your stone surfaces. Chat with us now!

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