Topical Sealers For Natural Stone

Topical sealers are designed to provide surface protection, chemical and stain resistance by bonding and forming a film and protective barrier on the surface of the material. These type of sealers are not penetrating and will sit over and on the top of natural and engineered stone surfaces when applied.

It is important to note that topical sealers have a difficult time bonding to smooth surfaces, hence they should not be used on highly polished surfaces. In Australia, topical sealers are generally used for outdoor paving projects and are a very popular option for sealing matt to rough textured porous stone surfaces.

There are many advantages to using topical sealers. Firstly, the coating is very hardy, and can hold up very well against most wear and tear. Besides that, application for topical sealers are generally quite easy and can be attempted by most homeowners. In addition to that, many types of topical sealers can add gloss or lustre to the surface of your projects.

Below, our consultants at Stone Doctor Australia have put together some of the best topical sealers in the market from all around the world which will be suited for a wide range of projects. Some of the more renowned brands include American made Aqua Mix & Australian manufactured Dribond.

Note: Very often topical sealers will lead to issues of chalking, de-bonding, UV resistance yellowing issues, weather resistance, etc.. it is a big decision to go with a topical sealer rather than a penetrating sealers as topical sealers are commonly non breathable and highly difficult to strip off. Problems will arise with poor surface preparation, applying over damp surfaces, wrong product choice, etc.. All topical sealers have the tendency to look great initially and will degrade with time in general. Best to speak to any of our senior team members on what are the best options for your projects. i.e. Topical Sealers vs Penetrating Sealers

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