Approved Regular Stone Cleaning Products

Regular stone cleaning products and tools play an important role in caring and maintaining stone benches, vanities, floors, bathroom shower walls and shower recess.

Natural & Engineered stone surfaces will need good care using approved stone cleaning products ensuring that they are kept clean & looking great always.

Currently, there are many care and maintenance products on the market. Sifting through all this information may be overwhelming for someone who is just starting to learn about how to care for these stone surfaces. We at Stone Doctor Australia has made this easier for you as we have placed all the needed regular cleaning products here for you to easily select. Our range of approved stone cleaning care and maintenance products along with the required cleaning tools have been selected and meets all regular stone care product requirements.

It is equally important that proper cleaning tools be used. Wrong tools or cleaning accessories could potential damage these delicate surfaces.

Speak to any of our team members on your enquiries pertaining to using any of these approved stone cleaning products.


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