Maxisafe Work Safety Products

Maxisafe safety products are a leading brand in physical protection solutions from Techware, a safety product manufacturer that designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of quality hand, arm, head, hearing, respiratory, protective clothing and industrial footwear. Maxisafe safety products offers solutions for total worker protection.

Our consultants at Stone Doctor Australia have selected a range of protective equipment for the individual, for teams, general site & civil safety products.

The Maxisafe range is recognised for its unique innovation and extremely high quality. Rest assured that Maxisafe safety products are certified to comply with relevant world safety codes whether you are in Australia, Europe or America.

The company’s designs have been tried and tested across a wide range of industries. This ranges from chemical, construction, food processing, industrial, manufacturing and even mining.

Maxisafe work safety products that are most popular today are their breathing silicone masks, face shields, etc.. to face up to the ongoing pandemic.

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