Tenacious Specialty Tapes

These tapes take you inside a third generation family business that has specialised in the importation and conversion of a wide range of adhesive tapes since the mid 1960's. They source these tapes from a range of international manufacturers that are innovators in their own markets. They were developed with the ideal product mix for the Australian market and conditions. Tenacious specialty tapes are like no other providing commercial and industrial users with cost-effective adhesive tape solutions.

Tenacious speciality tapes is an industrial brand and Stone Doctor Australia is a proud distributor. The principal importer are very happy to offer technical support and advice and welcome trade enquiries. Best to consult with our in house specialist if you have a unique requirement and we can get advice and a solution from the principal.

Tenacious specialty tapes are market leaders and innovators supplying adhesive tape and adhesive tape accessories across Australia. 

The Tenacious tapes we currently carry are the ultra low tack flowmask tape series including a plastic drop down used for painting protection as well as a construction 'defect tape' used by building contractors to apply over freshly painted areas and other completed sensitive surface types that including natural stone floors, walls and bench tops. Due to it's innovative ultra low tack constituents, it make the removal clean and damage free. Other specialty tapes would include cloth tapes and various anti-slip ones to suit different requirements.

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