UNi-PRO Is The Professional Painters Choice

UNi-PRO products have been in the Australian paint industry for over 40 years. It is a family owned and managed business. It aims to exceed its customer expectations by producing the most comprehensive and unique range of Uni-Pro equipment for both DIY and professional painters. UNi-PRO products offers an unrivalled range of quality products and offers certain value for money when it comes to painting at every level for both professionals as well as DIY renovators.

Here at Stone Doctor Australia, we offer a curated range of tools as UNi-PRO is indeed The Painters Choice. Our consultants have selected a range of commonly used painting equipment suited for the Australian tradies and homeowners. These Uni-Pro items are available both online and some in store.

UNi-PRO is the painters choice as we have found their application tools truly works well for all the brands of sealers that we carry from across the world, such as Lithofin from Germany, Bellinzoni from Italy and Aquamix from the United States.

Among the popular product categories we have in stock are their vast array of painting tools, protection drop sheets, plastic drop downs, masking tapes, sand paper, sanding blocks and many more others. As the leading Australian manufacturer of painting goods, UNi-PRO has the best products for surface preparation 

Other common products sold are to remove stubborn build-up of paint, rust and scale stains, opt from our range of scrapers which include the UNi-PRO Precision Scraper, UNi-PRO Wire Brush with Metal Scraper and the UNi-PRO Rust and Paint Removal Brush. Stone Doctor Australia also offers the professional painter premium flat and angled brushes as well as rollers which are designed for optimal results.

UNi-PRO is The Painters Choice. You will surely find the products below most appealing.

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