Numatic Vacuum Cleaners

Numatic is a British manufacturer, primarily producing domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning and maintenance equipment. Founded in 1979 in Chard in the southwest of England, the company has since built a worldwide presence. 

Numatic is one of the major producers of vacuum cleaners in the United Kingdom and is best known for producing the popular and iconic Henry domestic vacuum cleaner, a compact vacumm cleaner famed for its “smiley face” design. Currently, the company is still owned by its founder, Chris Duncan.

Stone Doctor Australia is one of the chosen resellers of the Numatic vacuum cleaner range. You will find dry units as well as wet & dry units of various sizes to suit your needs.

Our range of selected Numatic vacuum cleaners are suited for your all your projects which include domestic, commercial, industrial vacuums. With their robust construction, you will get many many years of good service and all spare parts are ready available including multiple service points within Australia. Invest today in these Numatic vacuum cleaners for best quality and reliability.

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