Flex Hand Grinders & Polishers

Flex was founded in 1920 in Stuttgart, Germany by two engineers who had a vision to produce and sell their new invention, a hand-held grinder machine featuring an electric motor that drove a flexible shaft.

The company was the first in the world to unveil the high speed angle grinder, which was released in the 1950s.

Stone Doctor Australia is proud to be a reseller for Flex hand polishers and tools, a brand that is trusted by industry veterans and trade professionals alike. 

These selected Flex hand polishers are suitable for a variety of uses ranging from home renovation projects right up to commercial and industrial use.

Manufactured to the highest German standards, our pick of Flex hand polishers are durable and straightforward to use, making them the perfect option for all stock removal, grinding, polishing, etc..

Among the machine we carry includes the Flex Angle Grinder, Flex Wet Variable Speed Grinder, Flex Renovation Grinder, SupraFLEX, Flex Circular Saw as well as the Flex Safety Vacuum Cleaner Kit.

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