Colour Enhancing Stone Impregnators

Stone Doctor Australia prides itself to be the go to company when selecting through various products & brands pertaining to colour enhancing impregnators. Here you will find great products to choose from to treat your natural stone floors, walls, bench top, etc..

Our product brands are Bellinzoni, Lithofin & Aqua Mix. They all represent premium quality.

If a substrate needs a wet look or a darkened appearance, it has to be first studied if water can absorb into the substrate and able to darken it. This is a strong indicator of the possibility of using one of our colour enhancing impregnators as a choice on how you wish your surfaces to look like.

Colour enhancing impregnators can be used on dry chalky surfaces to bring some life back into them by providing a hydrated look and can be used both for interior and exterior applications. They are always a popular choice for use on external pavers and for all dark coloured stone types.

If you wish to purchase any of our colour enhancing impregnators, it is best to seek advice from one of our team members to point you towards the most suited product.

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