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Timber Floor Care Kit From Sweden

Timber Floor Care Kit From Sweden

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Timber Floor Care Kit From Sweden

Premium BONA Products In A Kit For Timber Floor Care


Timber Floor Care Kit From Sweden


Floors take on a lot, including daily inevitable foot traffic and unavoidable spills, scuffs, crumbs, or mishaps. Timber floors are generally easy to clean and maintain. But one thing is certain, timber floors benefit greatly from regular care, which not only keeps their surfaces looking great, it will extend the life of your timber floor for more decades to come.


As timber floors being ever popular, so has the advice and recommended products surrounding exactly how you should upkeep them. The first step to clean timber floors starts with smart preventive measures, which not only help protect floors but also cut down on the time you spend cleaning. In addition to your daily cleaning practices, we recommend the use of this Timber Floor Care Kit From Sweden to clean up efficiently and to keep your home in top shape.


Timber floors vary in ease of care and maintenance depending on the severity of wear on the floor. Floors always greatly benefit from regular care. In doing so, the life of the floor finish and floor are greatly enhanced. Stone Doctor Australia recommends our Timber Floor Care Kit From Sweden as it ensures ongoing customer satisfaction and it gives you the freedom from a range of quality products to use on your timber floors. Timber Floor Care Kit From Sweden is an all-in-one cleaning product to keep your flooring looking great. All this is brought to you by BONA.


Timber Floor Care Kit From Sweden product inclusions:


Wooden floors can be the highlight of any home and these type of floors have evolved with time but nevertheless it is proven at most times to be a durable choice. The natural strength and the beauty of timber has been used for centuries and even up to this day, remains the material of choice for flooring here in Australia. So the best way to look after and maintain a wooden floor is to invest in proper cleaning and to use quality products from BONA.


BONA Timber Floor Spray Mop – 1 unit has a refillable cartridge and has a machine-washable microfibre cleaning pads. It’s ideal for hardwood floors and this premium spray mop is designed and paired with a uniquely blended Hardwood Floor Cleaner in a convenient cartridge along with the Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad. If you want to go on hand-in-hand with your Bona Spray Mop, the BONA Timber Cleaner Trigger Spray- 1L  is specially formulated and ideal for spot cleaning smaller areas where the mop may not be able to reach. The Ph neutral, ready to use and convenient Bona spray-on cleaner is also suitable for laminates, waxed, and oiled surfaces. Simply spray and wipe with a suitable microfibre cloth. Fast-drying formulation leaves no dulling residue. A spare BONA 0.85 Litre Refill For Timber Floor Spray Mop- 1 bottle has been added to this kit for convenience of change over. It is made up of the same great cleaning formula. If you have any inquiries about Timber Floor Care Kit From Sweden, chat with our team experts now! We are pleased to assist you.


With this kit, we have included a BONA Timber Floor Cleaner - 2.5L refill again only to enable you with sufficient product for all the months you need to keep the floors clean. Just to add further details about this premium cleaning product, it removes 99% of bacteria. Lastly, BONA Dusting Pad - 1 Pc is a fluffy washable microfibre pad that is easily attached to the bona mop. This dusting pad is an excellent way of picking up dust before damp mopping your floors. It is common to dust mop floors more regularly as compared to wet mopping.


We hope that the above guide about the Timber Floor Care Kit From Sweden will set you on the path to having clean and beautiful timber floors. Remember that maintenance of timber floors can be made quick and easy with the right equipment and a great care product.


Need help with your timber floors? If you have any queries about this Timber Floor Care Kit From Sweden, chat with our team of experts now! We are pleased to assist you.


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