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Basic Porcelain & Ceramic Floor Care Kit

Basic Porcelain & Ceramic Floor Care Kit

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Basic Porcelain & Ceramic Floor Care Kit

Ideal Kit To Care For Porcelain & Ceramic Floors


Basic Porcelain & Ceramic Floor Care Kit


One of the amazing things about porcelain and ceramic surfaces is they can be an extremely durable flooring material that doesn’t require much care or maintenance to keep it looking brand new and sleek through decades of use. However, there are ways to give extra care to certain aspects of this type of flooring in order to ensure that it remains in optimal condition.


Stone Doctor Australia aims to let you spend less time cleaning and more time appreciating and admiring your beautiful, elegant, classic porcelain and ceramic floors with our basic porcelain & ceramic floor care kit.


Ceramic and porcelain are considered to be one of the most reliable surfaces for residential and commercial spaces. While they are easy to maintain and don’t have many sensitive properties, regular maintenance with our basic porcelain & ceramic floor care kit will help them to retain their original strength and beauty. It is best that you check out this amazing basic porcelain & ceramic floor care kit to add to your regular cleaning regimen.


Basic porcelain & ceramic floor care kit is a necessary addon making sure dirt and spills don’t have a chance to get comfortable on your floors. These things can happen anytime and therefore this Basic porcelain & ceramic floor care kit helps you clean up spills or tracks as soon as possible.


Basic Porcelain & Ceramic Floor Care Kit product inclusions:


A clean home is a happy and healthy home! Keep your house clean and your porcelain and ceramic stone floors looking brand new by cleaning regularly with Edco Enduro Spray Mop. It has onboard fluid storage for an all-in-one flat mopping solution and has a fluid level indicator on the side of the handle which makes it more amazing. Also, Edco Enduro Spray Mop is easy to use by just simply push the button on top of the handle to release only the required amount of fluid onto the floor. Its premium microfibre sleeves are machine washable and is hard wearing.


Another awesome product is the Lithofin KF Vitra Clean. It is mildly alkaline ideal for maintenance to create an optimum, streak-free cleaning effect without building up of layers. Surfaces become more attractive and less sensitive with continued use. A beautiful and extremely durable flooring option, porcelain tiles will retain its original finish for years—so long as it's cleaned regularly and appropriately with Lithofin KF Vitra Clean.


You know best how often you should clean. Whether it’s an everyday routine, twice a week, once a week – after all, it depends on the level of foot traffic in your home or office spaces. Regular maintenance is indeed important. So, use these recommended products from our basic porcelain & ceramic floor care kit for many easy-care benefits.


With ceramic and porcelain floors, beauty can be low-maintenance. If you have any enquiries about Basic Porcelain & Ceramic Floor Care Kit, chat with our team experts now! We are pleased to assist you.

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