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Typical Issues Encountered with Engineered Quartz BenchTops

Typical Issues Encountered with Engineered Quartz BenchTops

Why Use Engineered Quartz?

Engineered quartz benchtops are high-quality, premium material that are one of the most popular alternatives for today's tabletop. Engineered quartz, unlike other premium surfaces, is an engineered slab. This brings up a whole new range of shape and function possibilities!

Quartz bench tops are resilient and long-lasting, with several features that busy families will love. However, no material is flawless. It is crucial to evaluate both the advantages and disadvantages so you can be certain you have picked the best bench tops for your lifestyle and preferences.

Aside from having a strong surface for cooking, dining, and entertaining, they are also the major focus point of your kitchen, which everyone sees straight away.

If you are considering restoring or cleaning your engineered stone benchtops but aren't sure what cleaning supplies to use or where to begin, you have come to the right place!

Let's get started!

We've already discussed why you should use engineered quartz as a surface material in prior posts. In this article, we will present a comprehensive and unbiased overview of several common quartz stone difficulties.

We will explain them to you so that you have all of the information you need to keep your quartz bench tops in good condition.

Issues associated with Quartz Bench Tops

Understanding the disadvantages and typical issues with quartz bench tops is a smart starting point if you want to keep your investment secure.


Smudges occur on quartz counter tops? To put it plainly, quartz bench tops may stain. They are, nevertheless, stain resistant. As a result, they are not naturally stain-resistant.

Instead, owners of quartz bench tops must only keep their surfaces clean.

As a result, if you detect any spills or leaks, clean them up as soon as possible. Also, if you see any stains, go ahead and clean them up. Develop a "don't wait" mindset. Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible and completely.

Use a cream cleanser or a spray cleaner to adequately clean and remove spills from the surface.

Heat Can Cause Damage

The resin and polymer fillers in engineered quartz are not heat resistant. When quartz bench tops are exposed to hot cookware, the resins can melt, resulting in irreversible discolouration and damage. Heat damage can be identified by white spots and cloudiness. To be safe, always place a pad or trivet between hot cookware and quartz counters.

Made for Indoor Use Only

Quartz kitchen benchtops discolour when exposed to sunlight for a lengthy period of time, so if you're installing an outdoor kitchen, go with a different material. The UV radiation will degrade the pigments, resulting in an ugly yellow tone on your counters. Even direct UV radiation from a window can fade the colours over time, so use quartz stone with caution in sun-drenched spaces with large windows.


The positive obviously surpasses the negative. Quartz stone is extremely durable, stain-resistant, non-porous, and low-maintenance, and it comes in an almost infinite variety of beautiful, contemporary, and natural designs. Engineered quartz may also be designed to seem like natural stone. There aren't many things to hate about quartz countertops and this material is ideal for any kitchen or home improvement.

Any Questions?

If you want to learn more about prepping engineered quartz for a fresh appearance, contact our team of stone care specialists to get started with quartz bench tops. Need some ideas for utilizing manufactured quartz surfaces? Basic Engineered Quartz Care is a good place to start.

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