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Caesarstone Spray Cleaner – 475ml

Caesarstone Spray Cleaner – 475ml

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Caesarstone Spray Cleaner – 475ml

A Premium Spray Cleaner That Is Ideal for Cleaning Surfaces from Dirt, Spills, and Grease on A Daily Basis.

Engineered quartz requires less maintenance to keep it looking new. Wiping the surface of your kitchen countertop with Caesarstone Spray Cleaner – 475ml, a streak-free cleaner, and a damp cloth like Edco Merrifibre Cloth White, which is extremely absorbent and an all-purpose premium microfiber cleaning cloth, is recommended on a day-to-day basis

Caesarstone Spray Cleaner – 475ml has been specially formulated to keep your stone surfaces in pristine condition and the convenient 475ml trigger spray pack is ideal for everyday cleaning of stains and spills. Depending on the amount of traffic, use, and surface application, we recommend applying this cleaning solution regularly.

The actual trick to care with engineered quartz is to be gentle. Harsh chemicals should not be used on quartz countertops because they can affect the surface. Bleach, oven cleaners, and other cleaning agents containing pumice should be avoided. Visit this link to learn more about cleaning habits you should stop now.

It is strongly advised that you avoid using paint removers or strippers, silver cleaners, or oil soaps that include trichlotherane or methylene chloride. Caesarstone Spray Cleaner – 475ml is the preferred cleaning solution for homes and business cleaners seeking a high-quality cleaning solution that is both hygienic and gentle on the surface. This Caesarstone spray pack is ideal for cleaning your benchtop or kitchen surfaces on a daily basis.

This spray cleaner has been specially proven to be a valuable cleaning tool for both households and business cleaners. Chat with our team of specialists immediately if you have any queries about Caesarstone Spray Cleaner – 475ml! We are always happy to help.

Features of Caesarstone Spray Cleaner – 475ml:

  • Highly effective
  • Easy to use
  • Provides a smooth surface finish
  • Leaves no streaks or residue on the surface


How to Use Caesarstone Spray Cleaner – 475ml:

  1. Spray the entire surface generously and let it sit for a few minutes.
  2. Wipe the entire surface with Edco Merrifibre Cloth White or a soft clean towel to remove any excess suds.
  3. Use a soft clean cloth, carefully rub the area dry.

Before using Caesarstone Spray Cleaner – 475ml, please see the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).


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