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FAQs About Engineered Stone Care And Maintenance

FAQs About Engineered Stone Care And Maintenance

Asking is Learning! It is better to be safe than sorry...

Cleaning and maintaining for engineered stone surfaces should, in general, be one of the simplest tasks. Knowing and understanding the physical characteristics of your manufactured stone is the best approach to care for it.
You and your money are protected as long as you have proper information.
Don't worry, we'll address some of the most often asked questions (FAQS) concerning engineered stone care and maintenance.

Let us talk about frequently asked questions!

Questions are helpful tools because they promote analysis and diagnostics of a situation by opening lines of communication, providing information, improving relationships, and facilitating analysis and diagnostics of a situation.

FAQ 1. How can I get rid of a scratch?

Answer: It truly depends on the sort of scratch you have.
If the scratch is extremely deep, it may need to be examined and repaired by a stone care specialist. Engineered stone scratches sometimes can't be fixed.

FAQ 2. What cleaning supplies should I use to remove stains and spills?

Answer: Avoid using harsh cleaning agents and chemicals to clean the surface. These cleaning products have the potential to significantly affect and harm the surface. To clean the surface and remove stubborn stains, use Caesarstone Spray Cleanser and Caesarstone Cream Cleanser. These Caesarstone cleaning solutions are great for removing spills and stains on a daily basis.

FAQ 3. How can I keep the surface from becoming damaged by heat?

Answer: When working with hot pots, saucepans, plates, and other heat-emitting equipment, use a trivet or heat pad to protect the bench top. Extreme temperature swings can cause significant surface damage.

FAQ 4. Is it okay to remove stains with an abrasive and scourer sponge?

Answer: No! On the surface, avoid using any of these abrasive cleaning tools. You risk further deterioration of the surface. It is essential to utilize appropriate stone cleaning equipment.


Power comes from knowledge! It has the potential to improve both the aesthetic and practical aspects of your house.

We only stock top-quality cleaning products at Stone Doctor Australia.
You may be confident that the stone cleaning materials we supply are simple to apply to the surface.

If you have any more concerns about how to care for and preserve your engineered stone, please contact our team of professionals right away! We are delighted to help you.

This FAQs page is intended to help you better understand how to care for your engineered stone surfaces. We hope this helps you in a variety of ways.

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