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Edco Cleaning Products, Accessories and Tools

Edco Cleaning Products, Accessories and Tools

A Brand Developed to Create a Variety of Edco Products for Cleaning Residential and Commercial with High-Quality Cleaning Product Lines, Including Scrubbing Brushes, Microfibre Mops, Cleaning Cloths, Floor Pads, Bathroom Accessories, Kitchen Care, etc.

Are you searching for quick, inexpensive, and comprehensive cleaning solutions? Edco's cleaning supplies are your best ally!

In 1941, the Edmondson family launched Edco in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville as a cotton-weaving business. Edco was named after the Edmondson family. After first supplying the Australian military services throughout the war with highly needed supplies such as bandages, blankets, and parachute harnesses, the company eventually expanded its product offerings to cover all different sorts of cotton cleaning goods.

Today, Edco is recognised as a leader in the provision of high-quality cleaning products, and its cleaning variety of tools and accessories can be found in use all throughout Australia, both in residential and commercial settings.

Within the cleaning industry, the Edco brand is synonymous with cleanliness, and its products are regarded as the industry benchmark and standard. In recent years, Edco has been working to develop a variety of commercial cleaning lines that are of very high quality.

Our experts have compiled a comprehensive collection of Edco cleaning products that are suitable for a wide variety of end-users into a single package for your convenience. This wide product list includes items such as brush ware, scrubbing and pans, buckets and bins, sweepers, mops, dust mops, dusters, and many more.

Here you can find a non-scratch scourer sponge that complements industrial jobs, a dish wand that meets all dishwashing needs, and a squeeze mop that keeps home and office floors dry and pristine. You can also get microfibre towels and magic erasers that will clean all surfaces and remove any smudges. Edco's cleaning supplies include everything from durable, multicolored mop heads to reliable, flexible dustpans and brushes. Stone Doctor Australia offers the best cleaning experience available.

We have hundreds of these items in stock, and we will gladly mail them to you anywhere in Australia you may be located. Since 1941, the Edmondson family has been the driving force behind the manufacturing and distribution of Edco cleaning products.

As a direct result of our achievements, we have developed into one of the most important distributors of Edco cleaning products in Australia. We promise that the products you buy will satisfactorily address any functional requirements you have and give you good value for the money you spend on them.

Up till this very day, Edco has always been and will continue to be wholly owned and run by an Australian family. Edco is, without a doubt, the go-to brand for high-caliber cleaning tools and accessories.

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    Edco Toilet Brush (1 Unit)


    EDCO TOILET BRUSH (1 UNIT) • Plastic toilet brush• Shaped for flexible cleaning NOTE: ALSO AVAILABLE  IN CARTON QUANTITY OF 12 UNITS

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