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Natural Stone Professional Consulting and Services

Consulting Service

Welcome to Stone Doctor Australia! We now offer natural stone professional consulting service that covers areas such as material suitability, installation options and techniques, surface finish, surface protection, aftercare, maintenance and restoration. With more than 11 years of tenacity and dedication as a natural stone care company both in the great products we offer as well as with the professional on site restoration services we cater for, our years of combined experience and expertise matter as it demonstrates in itself what our customers say about us. We have been continuously striving to provide our customers with great products, premium services and now we wish to introduce this latest provision.

At our very core, Stone Doctor Australia ensures that in-depth analysis is undertaken to give importance to the problem and solving them with necessary and effective solutions. Stone Doctor Australia is a rock-solid natural stone professional consulting service company that combines both the values that bring success through highly effective, safe, high-quality products and its premium services. Our ongoing contribution in providing the market with education and solution providing has now set us aside to be a market leader when you need professional advice on natural stone, its elements and characteristics. Our company's unique proposition of incorporating products, services and professional consultative work is truly one of a kind which makes the difference whenever we engage.

As a natural stone professional consulting service provider, we are constantly evolving and embracing new solutions to support current market changes. We are aligned in position to give professional advice as we aim for our clients to harness and benefit from our expert team of consultants, in projects related to natural stone; keeping tight a consultant-client relationship. Our natural stone professional consulting service business process involves preemptive applications to initially avoid making emotional selection mistakes for example, and while working with other issues present or ongoing as defined by our client. This way more useful solutions emerges naturally as the engagement proceeds. This alone will form and create an effective and accurate diagnosis. Special care is always needed when dealing with natural stone so that its beauty and elegance prevail over time. Lack of maintenance knowledge can jeopardise aftercare which is a true shame however if natural stone surfaces get the right treatment, protection and care, it will remain pristine at all times. Providing this new and further consultative service from us to you is why we exist to provide rectification solutions, draft out processes for remedial works, layout strategic completion plans, propose a workable maintenance care plan, etc.

Our strategic-thinking capabilities & detailed implementation methodologies manifest our vision. We will continue to communicate in the market as it is a critical tool to safeguard clients’ needs, listen to new challenges faced by the industry, and work within the given available framework to resolve issues that are current while maintaining our position with all other required resolutions. Stone Doctor Australia prides itself with in-depth experience of which our consultants are ready to engage. Our approach is to provide trusted counsel to our clients, rather than just repackaging what they tell us.

Stone Doctor Australia has the vision to be significant in business and community, adding real value through our end-to-end quality natural stone professional consulting service such as in areas pertaining to Material Suitability, Installation Options & Techniques, Surface Finish, Surface Protection, Maintenance & Aftercare, and Restoration. We offer a competitive advantage to our consulting clients by offering all our products at special rates. As our products are set apart from the competition not only due to them being imported and premium, but they all have been stringently tested by our skilled onsite technicians and been given the tick of unparalleled approval. Overall, quality always sells better than other factors. More than just offering products, we strive to ensure that we meet our clients’ expectations above and beyond. Providing our clients with the most up-to-date strategies with rapid solutions makes us a viable company in consultative provisions. As with most of our client who do not have the luxury of time in making critical decisions, here is where our team of experienced consultants who have worked in the specific disciplines and industries for a long time is most able to positively assist. We do not take things lightly and are always diligently working for the best interest of our clients. That is why we recognise the importance of a solid, trusting, relationship and we view our efforts as a partnership with our clients. We are aware that our clients are entrusting us with a great responsibility to support, give, and lead them in the right direction. As we grow in this industry, we will think of other areas where we can further extend our natural stone professional consulting service capabilities in years to come. If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to chat with our team of experts to get more out of your projects that involve natural stone. We are always pleased to assist you.